Organised July 2015

July! How is it July already holy crap, I can’t believe it’s already July and it’s mid-July at that!

First of all, great news! I got a job!


Not in an agency like I wanted, but in a nice company that will not be named (a girl has got to have some mystery!) that I got through an amazing recruiter. I’m so thankful for her, because even though this job isn’t what I would have initially picked out for myself to apply to, it is something that is so perfect for me it’s unreal. I get to hang out with the coolest co-workers, have the best managers and work on really interesting stuff. What’s even more amazing about it is how self-directed it all is. The bummer is that it’s a short term contract, but I’m working my ass off to cram in as much experience as I can.


June absolutely flew by, after I posted the #jollyjune post, I went for the interview and pretty much started the next day. It was a whirlwind, which meant I didn’t get to wind things down and put a proper schedule in place. Which is why July is all about organisation. I miss this blog, I miss reading, I miss doing all the things I did when I had more free time! I’m now realising more than ever that scheduling is amazing and needs to become more of a thing for me.


A few years ago for my birthday some good friends bought me a filofax that has yet to leave my side.


To support this month’s organisation theme, I’ve bought the cutest inserts to whip me into shape! I’m into gadgets and tech, but paper and pen still hold a special place in my hear.  No matter how many apps and gadgets exists I always reach back to my trusty Filofax to guide my way!


  • These Daily Planner inserts are invaluable at work. I write out my to do list each day and I know what meetings I need to be in and where.
  • To keep track of my spending, I write down every purchase I make x_x it’s tough, to keep up with, but it’s a good visual reminder of what I’m actually spending money on. Turns out (it’s a lot of lunches – boo).
  • To help me haul responsibly, I’ve got these ‘to-do- inserts which I write my wish lists on to help keep my shopping lists in check.


Aaaaaaaannnnd, because I have a stationery problem that is spiraling out of control that leaves me powerless to stop it, I have bought a TON of really cute moji liners and deco rush liners from Japan using a proxy shipping service. They’re like tape highlighters in cute designs. Shhh, I needed them!

Blogging, adoredee & the future.

It’s been quiet around here since I started working right? But I’m still alive! and I’ll probably still be blogging till the end of time ❤

Blogging for me is a very personal outlet. It’s a lot of hard work trying to get your thoughts out eloquently and take pictures to accompany them but, I enjoy it! I blog, because I love to write, I blog publicly because I love to talk to other people. It is a thing for me to share with you. I read the work of other bloggers as a way to get to know them. Which is why it makes me madder than mad when I see people trying to take away from other people’s hard work and pass it off as their own. I won’t name names because I don’t want to drive traffic to them, but a few of my blogging friends have found themselves in the position where others have made their names and content similar in order to misrepresent themselves to readers and organisations. 


That is not okay. Picking a blog name, or an online handle is something personal to you. It’s a way to differentiate yourself from others and with enough time and effort it becomes shorthand for the type of content you produce. I’ve been adoredee for so long, and so many of my personal nicknames revolve around it that the thought of someone setting up a blog, using it and using it not in the way I want it to be used worries me. Which is why I’ve asked the advice of people infinitely more learned than me about what to do in order to protect my name. 

One way to do that, to show that I’m ‘using’ the name, is to start to accept products for review. July is all about organisation, planning and structure and while I have all these amazing ideas about how to make this work, I know the best laid plans don’t always work out the way you want them to. I’m relying on you guys to give me your feedback on how I’m doing. Like I’ve always said, there are so many amazing bloggers out there who accept products for review, in an honest, clear and upfront kind of way. I’m nervous, tentative but ultimately excited to join their ranks.



In June, I lost 5kg! I walk. every. where. and take the stairs at every available opportunity. It’s tough and a mental struggle each time I have to chose to make the choice but it’s clearly working. 


I’m bringing back 2014 by making an effort to drink more water. It is so hot out here, we had a heatwave where it hit 37C/97F and I work in an office with no central air. YES! Everyone drinks a lot of tea, and while I love tea I noticed that I’ve been neglecting the water intake. So during July I’m switching out the tea for water during work hours and making an effort to move around more.


I also bit the bullet and dyed my hair red which was totally radical. It’s not bright red, because I didn’t bleach my hair first, but instead it’s a really nice tint that really glows in the sunlight that seems to get brighter with each wash. Go figure. 

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Third drink! Raging Bison #nyam

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I also got new glasses! They’re round, and when I’m not four cocktails deep into a night, they make me look pretty classy.

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Strawberry Daiquiri! #dranks

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Jolly June was actually a really great idea, because it was a constant reminder to think positive and happy thoughts. Which made me a more positive and happy person, which made the month fly by so fast. Now I’m getting organised and being proactive and being future forward and being happy! Oh my gosh!


How was your June? Tell me all about your plans for July!

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  1. angelanrenee says:

    Congrats on the job! And you have me Googling and ogling moji liner and deco rush now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. adoredee says:

      Thank you! It is a huge rabbit hole of cute and adorable. Don’t get sucked in! Run away! You can’t only just buy one! Hahaha!


      1. angelanrenee says:

        I’ll get just one. I swear. 😅


  2. What a month! Congratulations on the job! I’m sure you’re rocking it, and who knows? Maybe it’ll turn into something more long-term! It sounds like you’re making big steps towards a lot of goals. Keep on killing it!


    1. adoredee says:

      *tackle hugs you* Thank you! June was a blur. I had my one month appraisal and my boss told me everyone was so impressed with me, so maybe? Fingers crossed! I don’t want to pin any hopes on it and even if it ends I already have learnt SO MUCH.

      *runs around excitedly*

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That sounds promising though! I’ll be hoping for really good things for you! 😘

        Liked by 1 person

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