Buying Asian Beauty in the UK

I do most of my Asian Beauty shopping online, but customs charges mean I’m limited in what I can buy. Even if the seller has sales, and does offers on shipping I have to be mindful that I’ll be hit with customs charges if I go over a certain limit. It doesn’t matter if they mark it as a gift or not! There are still limits!


I’m sure there are other places to buy Asian Beauty products in person in the UK, but unfortunately I have been unable to find anymore than two shops in London’s Chinatown. It’s easy enough to get there. If you go down the main Chinatown road (Gerrard Street) in Soho and follow the curve, down Newport Court there are a few little shops there.

Sarang Kpop


They first caught my eye with their window display full of Korean celebrities posters (Do Min Ju.. <3). I will warn you, their prices are extortionate. £3.99 for a single sheet mask, £6.49 for a hydrogel mask. The lady who was there was also super rude, I couldn’t touch anything without her sighing really deeply. I’ve been back a few times and there was no eye contact except to make sure I wasn’t stealing. Any questions I asked were met with derision, which was sad. The selection was slim, but they had limited edition things like Etude House Princess Makeup Tables (omgwantpls) but there was a huge markup they were just under £40 each. They had a few BB creams, some skincare sets, but altogether it wasn’t a very good selection. It mostly catered to cute, kpop idol stuff and more pricy sets like SK-II which were well into their hundreds. Absolutely not a place where you can bargain hunt in!



is opposite, and is more catered to  Japanese products. Their prices are high, but still much more reasonable than the first store. Even though the layout was a bit mishmashy, the staff were so helpful and knowledgeable, plus there’s a tester area! The only downside is that they don’t give samples. I asked, she blinked and said what samples? Derp.

What’s also really cool is that they have a website with free shipping in the UK, or a small-ish fee with tracking.

I’ve searched for more brick and mortar stores, but I don’t know of any others that reliably sell Asian Beauty products. If you know of any, I’d absolutely love to check them out! 

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  1. deebiee says:

    This was really helpful, thanks for posting! I’m going to London in September before Uni starts up again and I was hoping to check out these shops. Super excited to hear there is a tester area in P2bus!


    1. adoredee says:

      No problem! I’m glad this helps :>

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  2. Amber says:

    Hi I just wanted to let you know that there’s a hmart in new Malden (its a fairly large Korean supermarket) and they sell Korean beauty products. (You can check their Facebook page to see what they sell as they often update their page with their new products 🙂 ) the selection isn’t bad. They mainly sell étude house, nature republic, a tiny bit of skin food products and the face shop. I think their prices are around twice the retail price but I’ve seen worse lol. The individual sheet masks are £1.10 and I saw an étude house collagen cream with a tiny collagen essence attached as a 2 in 1 deal for around £11. I recommend checking the store out 🙂 otherwise if you want to order online I think tester Korea is really good. They sell really cheap samples in packs of 10. (E.g 10 skin food rice mask samples for like £2) and their prices are the cheapest I’ve seen. I’ve ordered from them before and the shipping time seems to be around 2 and a half weeks on average to the UK 🙂 so yeah, definitely worth checking out ^^


    1. adoredee says:

      Hi hi hi! Thank youuuu~ I’m really excited to check them out!


  3. Ki says:

    I’m in Cambridge, and our little Korean supermarket on Mill Road has recently started selling about 5 of the Mediheal masks. I *think* they’re somewhere around the £2 mark and personally I like them. I recall Fiddy Snails enjoying at least one of the types, too 🙂

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    1. adoredee says:

      Ooooh! That’s awesome! I might have to pop into Cambridge, I’ve always been meaning to visit there but out of Oxford loyalty I haven’t 😂!


      1. Ki says:

        Heh. Well, if you do, hit me up if you need directions or anything. I can also do a preparatory run for you to make sure there are still some left 🙂

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  4. Ki says:

    Here’s another tip – check out your local TKMaxx. I just raided mine (well, one of ’em, we have two) and found seven different types of sheet mask – not brand names that I knew apart from Holika Holika, but all made in Korea and £1 per mask, sold in boxes of five. Good hunting, everyone~


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