Six Types of Bad Movies.

I love love love movies, I love watching them at home curled up under a blanket and I love going out with friends to see them on the big screen. The whole experience is everything to me, but no matter how much fun I have with the experience, the movie needs to be worth watching.

Sometimes that isn’t the case though. There are times when the movie is bad, but not all bad movies are the same and not all bad movies are bad! Here are the six types of bad movies that I’ve watched, I understand that these are all totally subjective, so don’t be mad at me! 

Nicolas Cage

National Treasure (2004)

Let’s get it out of the way, Nicolas Cage is in a lot of bad movies. But I don’t think of him as a bad actor, I see him as someone who has transcended all badness and is somehow in a whole other category on his own. No matter how you feel about him, watching a Nicolas Cage movie is an experience, and one that you won’t ever forget. I admire his acting, he always seems so fully committed to each and every role he plays no matter how out there it is.

Examples: National Treasure (franchise), Next (2007), Lord of War (2005), It Could Happen to You (1994).

Weak Plot, Great Visuals.

Pacific Rim (2013)
Pacific Rim (2013)

Movies in this category are ones that are just super pretty to look at, nothing more. They’re the kind of movie that you really should watch on the big screen in 3D or IMAX because thinking too hard about them will make you sad that they don’t make any sense. With movies in this category, there is no rewatchablity, because it’s less impressive the second time, they’re the kind of movie you watch once and say, “Yeah that was cool” and never think about again.

Examples: Pacific Rim (2013), Man of Steel (2013), Avatar (2009).


Bad Acting.

The Last Airbender (2010)
The Last Airbender (2010)

These movies are almost painful to watch because no matter how hard you try, you just cannot get past the acting. Be it untrained child actors, terrible accents or just terrible chemistry between the actors, you feel bad for everyone who was involved. Because while everything else is great you struggle to move past the terrible acting.

Examples: The Last Airbender (2010).


Bad but good.

Furious 6 (2013)

These are the types of movies, for whatever reason even though they may be all visuals no plot, weak acting or just a silly premise are absolutely entertaining.

Examples: Fast and Furious (franchise).


Should be good, but is bad.

Jupiter Ascending (2015)
Jupiter Ascending (2015)

Movies in this category are the ones that make me mad because they have all the ingredients for a great movie is there, but for whatever reason it just doesn’t come together. Unlike in the other categories where you can at least sit back and enjoy the ride due to pretty visuals, or laugh at the unintentional comedy of it all, ‘Should be good but bad’ movies are just an awful experience. You end up leaving cheated by either the ticket price or the trailer.

Examples: Jupiter Ascending (2015)


Trailer Bait.

Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)
Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)

I no longer watch trailers because of this. I find that either the best parts of the movie are in the trailer, or the trailer tells the whole story. Doesn’t matter which one it is, all that signals to me is that the studio has little faith in the movie.

Examples: Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)

I know there are other categories I’ve missed, so let me know what they are! Are there other movies in theses categories that I should have talked about? Let me know, maybe we can turn watching these horrible movies into a positive! Ha~

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  1. angelanrenee says:

    Hahaha, I can’t believe Nicolas Cage is his own category. I like the “Fast and Furious” movies, so I’m thinking the next one should star Nicolas Cage. 😈


    1. adoredee says:

      Haha, he has to! He’s in a league of his own.
      Oh my gosh the two together, I wouldn’t even know how to handle my excitement.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Chantaal says:

    Aaaaaahaahahha, the Nicholas Cage category is PERFECT.


    1. adoredee says:

      He is my movie everything.

      Liked by 1 person

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